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How to REALLY Plan Your 2023 Goals

November 21, 2022
B Chic Podcast
How to REALLY Plan Your 2023 Goals
Show Notes

I'm so tired of seeing "23 Goals for 2023" lists and you should be too. Create a real plan to make a real impact in your own life with strategic goals that you can potentially reach in 100 days or less of your choosing in the new year. Graduating from SMART goals, we're talking about how to set them AND reach them for the new year in this episode. I also review a few key life categories that I suggest you plan your goals within. Enjoy and happy planning! I also refer to a ton of concepts in this episode, so here are some helpful links to explore further (none are affiliate links):

The CE Shop - where I'm taking my real estate license renewal education
The Feminine Universe YouTube channel
The Freedom Journal - inspiration for the concept of the 100 day goal
LinkedIn post that changed the game for me!
Tiago Forte and "Building A Second Brain"

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